Can't the Arab world DO something for Arabic language ?

Today is the last day of one of the greatest Olympic events... and that is the Turkish Language Olympics... It started on 27th of May, and today the children are having their last tour in the Bosphor .

Can't the Arab world DO something for Arabic language ?
The Turkish Language Olympics , in its seventh year , has hosted 700 children from 115 countries to Turkey , children from US , Madagascar, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Peru, and many others to compete in singing, poetry reciting, theater and prose composition, and receive encouragement in their studies with a visit to the president.

The Olympics is organized by the private International Turkish Education Association... they built up a network of some 500 private schools around the world, teaching a full curriculum including Turkish....

I watched the Children on Turkish TV representing their countries with their beautiful accents and dresses... I was impressed how some of them in such a short time did really well , they sang and talk in Turkish, did theater and communicate with each other in Turkish!!!

Now the QUESTION... can't the Arab world DO something similar...????
With all the MONEY that we do have....?!
Doing something similar and hosting the children every year in one of the Arab countries..?!! I think it would be a way to fight terrorism and spreading love among World children??

It was just a simple and an innocent question from my part :-)

Wednesday, June 10th 2009
Abir Zaki

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