Moroccan nationalists 'hack Algerian embassy website'

ALGIERS- The website of Algeria's embassy in Washington has been targeted by Moroccan nationalist hackers, the mission said Wednesday.
Two other Algerian websites also appeared to be affected, according to statements on the websites, in attacks apparently motivated by Algiers' support for the Polisario Front.

Moroccan  Capitat Rabat
Moroccan Capitat Rabat
The Front wants a referendum on self-determination for the Western Sahara region, with independence from Morocco as one of the options.
"The hackers left no doubt whatsoever as to their identities or those of their sponsors, now obviously resorting to desperate means and tactics," the embassy said.
A website giving information on Algeria, TSA, stated on Wednesday that it would be closed for several days following the hacking.
Another site with links to Algerian media websites was also affected.
Western Sahara was annexed by Morocco after Spanish settlers withdrew in 1975, but the Polisario Front fought the Moroccan presence until the United Nations brokered a ceasefire in 1991.
Rabat has pledged to grant Western Sahara widespread autonomy but rules out independence.

Thursday, November 25th 2010

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