Muhydin Lazikani :The Road to Damascus, The Road to Freedom

Seven years ago, I was invited to the House of Lords to talk about Syria, the kingdom of fear and silence. I remember we sat in Moses Hall, and I spent some time contemplating the picture of Moses, asking myself who is going to lead the Syrian people out of their forty years of misery.
At that time, I spoke about the Al-Assad mafia, and their billions which they stole from the Syrian people. They spread corruption everywhere and broke all types of laws known to humanity. Today, while seeing all the crimes committed by Al-Assad and his regime against the women and children of Syria, I find that some of us underestimated how criminal this family and their supporters could be.

There has been a river of blood in Syria during this year. Nearly ten thousand have been tortured and killed without mercy, and more than seventy thousand have been arrested. If we add to this that twenty thousand have been injured by live ammunition fired by the Syrian army and security services, we realise how ugly the situation is under the Al-Assad mafia. The injured do not have the right to receive medical attention, and many of them have been killed inside the hospital.
Despite this, we still look around us and find little help, or none at all. I understand that an absence of a resolution at the UN Security Council makes things difficult, but that shouldn't deter some states from looking to solutions outside this vicious circle. This option has been closed by Russia and China. Their veto has caused the continuing murder of the Syrian people, and has made them responsible for each drop of blood shed in Syria during this time.
The conference of the Friends of Syria in Tunisia also offered hollow promises, and many Arab and Western countries are still offering nothing but mere verbal support.
Syria is no longer the kingdom of fear and silence. The Syrian people came out exactly one year ago fighting for their freedom and equality, trying to bring about reform to end four decades of repression and dictatorship. Although the Syrian constitution gave them the right to demonstrate peacefully, asking for change, they were met with live ammunition and later by mortar and heavy weaponry, which caused damage to tens of Syrian towns, and uprooted hundreds of thousands from their homes.
The situation is now deteriorating by each minute, and the criminal regime started to bomb some towns and villages by helicopter. If the world carries on watching without taking action, it is not Syria alone that will suffer: the whole region will be open to chaos and an uncertain future. Then, the interests of the West and the whole world will not be safe in the region.
I was shocked to discover that Britain invited high-ranking officers of the Syrian army to take part in the Olympics opening ceremony. One of them is the general Mowafaq Jim'ah. I am sure some of you would agree that this will send out a bad message to the Syrian people.
The President of Syria has carried on killing for a whole year because the world did not send a strong message threatening him with serious consequences if he continued to kill his own people.
Here let me emphasise that a Syrian democratic state guarantees stability in the whole region, and we need the support of all the free world to clean the ruin made by Al-Assad, and build that state.
I thank you for your support for the Syrian revolution, and assure you that our people won't give in before they achieve victory.
Speech to the House of Lords on 14 March 2012 by Dr M . Lazikani

Sunday, March 18th 2012
Muhydin Lazikani

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