Obama vows 'unrelenting' efforts on economy, security

WASHINGTON- US President Barack Obama on Wednesday pledged an "unrelenting, unyielding effort" to return to economic prosperity and confront threats including a swine flu outbreak, terror attacks and nuclear proliferation.
"We still confront threats ranging from terrorism to nuclear proliferation to pandemic flu," Obama said in opening remarks to be delivered during a Wednesday evening press conference marking his first 100 days in office.

Obama vows 'unrelenting' efforts on economy, security
"All of this means you can expect an unrelenting, unyielding effort from this administration to strengthen our prosperity and our security -- in the second hundred days, and the third hundred days, and all the days after," he added.
Obama also defended his 3.4-trillion-dollar budget for 2010 -- approved by the House of Representatives Wednesday and due to be voted on by the Senate later this week -- as a budget which "builds on the steps we've taken over the last 100 days to move this economy from recession to recovery and ultimately to prosperity.
"So we are off to a good start, but it is just a start," he said, warning that more pain lies in store for Americans hit by the sharpest economic downturn since the 1930s Great Depression.
"Millions of Americans are still without jobs and homes, and more will be lost before this recession is over."
Earlier in the day Obama flew to the heartland state of Missouri where he told a town hall meeting that his administration had begun "remaking America" since taking office January 20 by reversing some of the most contentious policies of George W. Bush's administration and orchestrating a historic 787-billion-dollar stimulus bill, among other reforms.
"Now, after 100 days, I'm pleased with the progress we've made, but I'm not satisfied," he told a raucous crowd there.
His upbeat assessment of his own presidential debut was tempered with calls for Americans to steel themselves for a long slog towards recovery.
"I'm not a miracle worker. We've got a lot of tough choices and hard decisions and hard work ahead of us."
According to several polls released ahead of the 100-day milestone, Obama has won high marks from the public for his policies, which include the largest-ever US economic stimulus package, tax cuts or freezes for 95 percent of working Americans and plans for health care reform.
He has also been applauded for shifting US military posture in Iraq and Afghanistan, rejecting of the use of torture and orders the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp.

Thursday, April 30th 2009

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