Soldier sacked for kicking Palestinian in botched raid

JERUSALEM- The Israeli army has dismissed a soldier from an undercover unit following a night-time incident in a West Bank village during which a Palestinian who mistook them for thieves was shot dead.
During the incident, which took place on March 27, troops disguised as Palestinians entered Rammun village near Ramallah as part of a training exercise.

Believing they were thieves, one of the villagers, Rashad Deeb, and his two brothers went out to confront them with a knife, prompting the soldiers to open fire, critically wounding Deeb and injuring the other two, Palestinian witnesses and security sources said at the time.
Deeb later died of his injuries at a hospital in Jerusalem.
The army opened an investigation into the incident, which according to reports on Thursday, resulted in the dismissal of one of the soldiers in the unit -- but not on account of the shooting.
Israeli media reported that the soldier in question was dismissed after he kicked one of the two injured Palestinians, who by this point was handcuffed, in the face.
A Thursday statement from the Israeli military confirmed that "The soldier was dismissed from his post, and the investigation will be carried out by the Advocate General's Office." The military would not provide further details on the grounds of his dismissal.

Friday, April 20th 2012

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