US House eyes Saturday health care vote

WASHINGTON- The US House of Representatives was on course Wednesday to vote this weekend on sweeping legislation to overhaul US health care, President Barack Obama's top domestic priority, officials said.
The House Rules Committee aims to meet Friday to shape the bill for a vote, which is likely to occur late Saturday, several congressional aides said.

US House eyes Saturday health care vote
"A vote Saturday at 6:00 pm (2300 GMT) is the best guess. But it hasn't been announced formally," said Vince Morris, the panel's spokesman.
One Democratic House leadership aide said the vote would occur "Saturday evening." Another said the "timing is still under discussion" but "it is unlikely that a final vote would be on Friday." Both requested anonymity.
Democratic leaders formally introduced their legislation late Monday, and have accepted a Republican demand that the measure by available for reading 72 hours before a final vote.
Even if the House approves the measure, the overall effort's fate is unclear: Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid signalled on Monday that the upper chamber might not act until 2010.

Thursday, November 5th 2009

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