EU court rules in Dyson's favour in row over vacuum cleaner testing

Luxembourg - British manufacturer Dyson has successfully challenged the European Union's efficiency tests for vacuum cleaners, with a court annulling the rules on the grounds that they do not take into account actual conditions of use.

Vacuum cleaners are ranked in the EU according to energy consumption, based on tests carried out with empty dust bags.
But Dyson vacuum cleaners operate without a dust bag, and the company takes issue with the fact that the tests do not take into account the increased use of energy by other brands as their dust bags fill up.
The company has filed several legal complaints before the European courts.
In this case, Dyson argued that, by performing tests with empty dust bags, the European Commission had disregarded the requirement that methods for calculating the energy performance of vacuum cleaners reflect "normal conditions of use."
The Luxembourg-based judges agreed, finding that the method adopted by the commission "does not comply with the essential elements" of the EU's energy labelling directive.
The decision can be appealed within two months before the European Court of Justice, the EU's top tribunal.
Thursday's decision came after Dyson successfully appealed an initial dismissal of the case, forcing it back before the General Court.


Thursday, November 8th 2018

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