10 police dead in Taliban ambush in western Afghanistan

Kabu – A Taliban ambush on a police convoy in western Farah province has left at least 10 dead, Afghan officials said on Thursday.

The forces were going to defuse an explosive in Anar Dara district of the province when they were shot at by the Taliban, provincial councillors Khair Mohammad Noorzi and Abdul Samad Salehi said.
The Taliban controls at least 80 per cent of the province. Continued attacks by the militants have left many dead in recent months, according to officials.
Meanwhile, in northern Badakhshan, the Taliban took control of a village in the Keran-wa Monjan district of the province without any resistance from the local police stationed in the area, local councillors Ahmad Jawed Jawed and Mahbobul Rahman Talaat said.
The Taliban has been in control of the Yamgan and Warduj districts of the province for years.
Despite ongoing talks between the US and Taliban about a political solution to the conflict, US-backed Afghan forces and the Taliban are staging daily operations against each other that leave dozens of dead on both sides.
The next round of US-Taliban talks in Qatar is supposed to start within the "next weeks or days", a Taliban spokesperson said on Wednesday. Inner-Afghan talks had been postponed last week due to disagreements about the participants.

Thursday, April 25th 2019

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