20,000 rally in Egypt against Gaza bloodshed

CAIRO -Khaled Desouki- Around 20,000 people took to the streets of Egyptian cities on Sunday to protest against the killing of more than 280 Palestinians in 24 hours of Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip.

20,000 rally in Egypt against Gaza bloodshed
The largest protest saw around 8,000 people demonstrate on the streets of Assiut, a city in southern Egypt of 400,000, a security official said, with another 3,000 gathering in Minya, south of Cairo.
A security official said 4,000 people took part in another anti-Israel and pro-Gaza demonstration in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, the security official said.
Another 4,000 people rallied outside the Doctors' Syndicate in the capital against the Israeli onslaught that has also wounded more than 600 Palestinians in the isolated enclave on Egypt's northeastern border.
"Where is the Arab army?" some demonstrators shouted in Minya, calling for the Israeli embassy in Cairo to be shut down as other demonstrators burned the Israeli flag.
Many of the demonstrators across Egypt were members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, the country's largest opposition group from which Hamas, the target of Israel's air strikes, evolved.

Sunday, December 28th 2008
Khaled Desouki

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