9/11 musical film to open Friday in New York

NEW YORK- "Clear Blue Tuesday," a musical film about love and overcoming tragedy in New York City after attacks of September 11, 2001, opens this weekend, its producers said Tuesday.
Dubbed an "indie (independent) rock musical drama," the movie follows the lives of 11 New Yorkers over seven Tuesdays in the following seven years after the World Trade Center was destroyed, killing nearly 3,000 people.

In the musical drama, the eleven protagonists "are transformed by love, desire, art, ambition, fury, grief, faith, fear, hope and, ultimately, connection with each other," said a joint statement by the producers, who included director Elizabeth Lucas.
The film, which opens eight days before the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, is "about the persistence of love and the resilient heart of a city in the face of catastrophe," they said.

Wednesday, September 1st 2010

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