ActionAid charity throws down gauntlet to G8 over hunger

LONDON - Humanitarian charity ActionAid called Monday for G8 powers meeting in Italy this week to pump out billions more dollars to meet a key goal to halve world hunger.
The Group of Eight must spend 23 billion dollars (16.4 billion euros) per year to meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) to halve hunger by 2015, according to calculations from the charity.
"The G8 leaders provide one last chance to take bold action on hunger. We are throwing down the gauntlet for the G8 to act," said Otive Igbuzor, ActionAid's hunger campaign coordinator.

ActionAid charity throws down gauntlet to G8 over hunger
In a statement, the development charity said the number of people in chronic hunger had soared to 913 million in 2008 -- and was forecast to hit 1.03 billion people this year.
"ActionAid research suggests that trends which have pushed the number of hungry above one billion are set to worsen unless G8 leaders take bold action to revive developing world agriculture and reverse global warming," it added.
"Food prices are still on the increase in many developing countries while crop yields are stagnant. Rising unemployment and falling incomes as a result of the global recession compound the growing hunger crisis.
"ActionAid has put together a timetable of action for G8 leaders. They must find 23 billion dollars a year by 2012 to meet the MDG goals of halving hunger and stop it spiralling out of control."
World leaders will gather in L'Aquila, central Italy on Wednesday, where they are expected to thrash out a common strategy on how to absorb the tremors of global recession, climate change and Iran.
The G8 comprises Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the Unites States.

Tuesday, July 7th 2009

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