Al-Sissi says ending regional conflicts would restore UN credibility

NEW YORK (dpa)- Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi urged the United Nations Tuesday to find final settlements to conflicts in the Arab World, warning that flaws in the international organization are putting its credibility into question.
Addressing the General Assembly, al-Sissi reiterated his country’s support to political solutions to end the conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Libya in order to halt the spread of terrorism and sectarianism.

"Despite the UN efforts in many conflicts ... there is no doubt it still falls short of finding final settlements to conflicts," he said.
"How do we blame an Arab who questions credibility of the UN and what it represents at a time when the region faces dangers of disintegration and the collapse of the national state in favour of a terrorist wave and sectarian conflicts?" al-Sissi said.
Uprisings against autocratic governments started in 2011 across the Middle East, with some of them turning into civil wars, including conflicts in Syria and Libya, where Islamic State took control of vast areas for several years.
While the extremist group lost a great part of the territory it controlled in 2014-2015, it continues to stage frequent attacks in several countries in the region including Egypt.
Al-Sissi said that "the Arab region is one of the most vulnerable to state disintegration," making it a fertile ground for terrorism and sectarianism.
"There is no way out of crisis in Syria or the disaster in Yemen without restoring the national state and maintaining its sovereignty and its institutions and achieving the legitimate aspirations of its people," he said.
"Big crises need comprehensive solutions," al-Sissi added.

Thursday, September 27th 2018

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