American football: McNair killed by 'out of control' mistress, police

NASHVILLE - Former American gridiron star Steve McNair was asleep on the sofa when he was shot dead by his young mistress in a murder-suicide last weekend.
Nashville police confirmed Wednesday that Sahel Kazemi, 20, killed McNair by shooting him four times before shooting herself once in the head.
"McNair was seated on the sofa and likely asleep and we believe that Kazemi shot him in the right temple, then shot him twice in the chest and then shot him a final time in the left temple," police spokesman Ronal Serpas said.

American football: McNair killed by 'out of control' mistress, police
Nashville police said earlier that the ex-Tennessee Titan and Baltimore Raven McNair had been killed but they waited four days before ruling on the type of death for Kazemi.
Police said they don't know the exact motive for the killing but said Kazemi had been distraught in recent weeks about making ends meet financially. She feared her rent was going to double because a roommate was moving out on her. She was also making payments on two cars and dealing with a drink driving episode.
"She told friends and associates that her life was all messed up and that she was going to end it all," Serpas said.
American newspapers reported that the wife of the 36-year-old father of four did not know Kazemi.
Police said Kazemi purchased the gun illegally in the days leading up to the murder in the parking lot of a Dave and Buster's restaurant.
"While we may never know exactly what drove Ms Kazemi to make that decision, the totality of the evidence clearly points to murder-suicide," said Serpas, adding there was no suicide note. "We believe there was evidence she was spinning out of control."
A three-time all-star, McNair shared the most valuable player of the NFL award in 2003.
In 161 games (153 starts), McNair threw for 31,304 yards on 2,733- of-4,544 passing, with 174 touchdowns. He also ran for 3,590 career yards and 37 TDs.
McNair last played in the NFL in 2007 for the Ravens. He is a former third overall pick by Houston in the NFL's 1995 entry draft.

Thursday, July 9th 2009

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