Britain's Brown wishes Sarkozy swift recovery

LONDON- British Prime Minister Gordon Brown wished French President Nicolas Sarkozy a "speedy recovery" after he collapsed Sunday while jogging and was rushed to hospital.
"The prime minister has sent a private message to President Sarkozy expressing his support and wishing him a speedy recovery," a Brown spokesman said.

Britain's Brown wishes Sarkozy swift recovery
Sarkozy, 54, collapsed while jogging near his weekend retreat in the wooded park around Versailles Palace. Officials said Sarkozy had undergone tests in hospital and was "doing well" but would remain there overnight.
The president's chief of staff said Sarkozy was "doing well and talking normally to medical staff." He has also been visited by close advisers to keep abreast of current events, Sarkozy's office said.
A presidential aide told AFP that Sarkozy had a problem related to his vagus nerve -- which helps the body regulate heart rate -- but that doctors considered the problem "minor".

Sunday, July 26th 2009

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