Britain's Johnson 'very sorry' for declaring 52,000-pound income late

London - Former British foreign secretary Boris Johnson apologized to parliament on Thursday after he was found to have breached its rules with his late declaration of income from several sources amounting to 52,700 pounds (59,000 euros).

Johnson, 54, told parliament's main elected house, the Commons, that a standards committee had "published a report on nine payments, mainly unexpected foreign royalties, which I am very sorry to say were recorded late on the register of members' interests."
"I fully accept that the delay was a breach of the house's rules and ... I therefore offer the house a full and unreserved apology," said the pro-Brexit Conservative lawmaker.
Johnson added that he was "grateful to the committee for recognizing that there was no intention to mislead the house and that I had been completely transparent."
Kathryn Stone, the parliamentary commissioner for standards, said the late registrations were mostly "royalties or [payments] for the sale of rights on books already written."
Stone said the largest single amount was the first payment under a monthly contract that Johnson signed after leaving Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative government in July, when he resigned to oppose May's Brexit deal.


Thursday, December 6th 2018

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