Britons see French as sexier, but less witty: poll

LONDON - British expatriates living in France find French people sexier and better dressed -- particularly French women -- but not as witty or good company, according to a poll published Friday.
Britons who have settled in France say they are happier and healthier, seeing French people as having stronger family values, less crime and less stress, according to the survey.

Britons see French as sexier, but less witty: poll
"One of the main reasons Brits move to France is because it's a place where a sense of community still truly exists. There is time to chat and reflect on life," said Michael Streeter, editor of expat monthly TheFrenchPaper.
"People like the fact that there is a lot of emphasis put on family life here," he added.
The poll found that 87 percent of British expatriates felt happier since moving to France, and 94 percent healthier as they eat better, cook for themselves more and get more exercise.
Ninety-two percent said their quality of life in France was good or excellent, up from 49 percent when they lived in Britain, where high crime rates, drunkenness and dirty streets were criticised.
But perhaps the most interesting findings were more personal.
The majority -- 71 percent -- of British men and women said French women were sexier than British women, 56 percent said they were more attractive, 66 percent said they were better dressed, and 92 percent said they were slimmer.
Rather less, but still a majority -- 59 percent -- of Britons also found French men sexier and better dressed than British men, 84 percent found them slimmer, and 47 percent said they were more attractive.
Thirty percent of the 1,000 Britons surveyed said they had lost weight, and 15 percent said they had a better sex life in France.
But over 70 percent of the expats said British men and women were more intelligent and better company, with over 80 percent saying Britons are wittier than their Gallic neighbours.
"One of the striking features of these findings is that so many Britons have come to France searching for their dream -- and they have found that the grass really is greener on the other side," said Streeter.

Friday, May 29th 2009

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