Climate protesters Extinction Rebellion start international action

BERLIN (dpa)- An international movement to try and force politicians to take more action on climate change hit the streets in several cities on Monday, targeting major traffic arteries near government offices.
Extinction Rebellion activists launched their protest in the German capital Berlin by marching from their encampment outside the offices of Chancellor Angela Merkel in the centre of the city to a major traffic roundabout nearby.

The activists - numbering an estimated 1,000 people at 6 am (0400 GMT) - occupied and blocked the traffic roundabout known as the Big Star, where five major routes converge, police said.
Berlin Senator for the Interior Andreas Geisel said the authorities would monitor the gatherings and allow them leeway for a time. But he warned that the authorities would react if violence was used or critical infrastructure, such as airports, was affected.
The group, commonly known as XR, held a protest earlier on Monday in the New Zealand capital Wellington, which saw more than 30 members arrested. Hundreds blocked central roads, ministries and stormed a bank branch in the city. 
Activists sang and chanted after they sat down in a circle to block traffic near New Zealand's parliament, the organizers said.
Hundreds of climate demonstrators also blocked roads in Australian cities to mark the start of their protest.
In Sydney police said 30 protesters were arrested for refusing police orders to clear a road near Central Station.
A large protest was also expected in London, the home of the XR movement.
Late on Sunday, thousands of supporters joined a launch ceremony in the centre of the British capital for two weeks of planned protests.
A major thoroughfare in the centre of Amsterdam was also blocked by XR activists.
The group says it will carry out actions in 60 cities worldwide.

Monday, October 7th 2019

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