Czech president decries fight against climate change as new religion

PRAGUE (dpa)- Czech President Milos Zeman on Thursday criticized the global fight against climate change as excessive, comparing it to a new religion.
"The discussion about climate change is becoming a new religion. So allow me to be a heretic," the 75-year-old said on in his traditional Christmas address, which was broadcast live on television and also published in several online media.

Czech president
Czech president

Zeman warned that Europe must be on its guard against falling behind other parts of the world economically in the face of so many climate protection measures.
"It could theoretically happen that industry moves to where energy prices are lower, and the EU would become an ecology museum with lower standards of living for its inhabitants," Zeman said.
Similar to his address last year, Zeman lashed out against the hundreds of thousands of protesters who, in several mass rallies, have demanded the resignation of liberal-populist Prime Minister Andrei Babis.
Although the multi-millionaire is under investigation on suspicion of fraud involving EU funding, Zeman once again defended him: "In a parliamentary democracy, which we are and will remain, heads of government come and go on the basis of the results of free elections. Period."

Friday, December 27th 2019

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