Egypt Nasserist parties announce merger

CAIRO- Egypt's Nasserist parties, which espouse the leftist Arab nationalist ideology of president Gamal Abdel Nasser, on Friday announced their merger in the latest political alliance that seeks to challenge the powerful Islamists.
The Arab Democratic Nasserist party, Al-Wefaq al-Qawmi, Al-Motamar al-Shaabi and Al-Karama announced their alliance in a statement read out by Nasser's son Abdel Hakim at his father's tomb.

Egypt Nasserist parties announce merger
The announcement comes on the 42nd anniversary of Nasser's death.
The new Nasserist Party, which has yet to elect a leader, said it seeks to pursue the goals of the 2011 uprising that toppled veteran strongman Hosni Mubarak and work for "freedom, social justice and human dignity."
The move comes as a range of political parties and movements seek to form stronger alliances ahead of the next parliamentary elections, which are due to take place after a new constitution has been drafted and put to a referendum.
Earlier this month, 10 leftist parties and movements announced the formation of the Democratic Revolutionary Coalition (DRC) in a bid to confront what the coalition called efforts "to turn Egypt into a religious state."
Former Arab League chief and Egyptian presidential candidate Amr Mussa has established the Egyptian Conference Party, which brings together an alliance of 25 liberal and leftist parties.
Secular parties have lagged behind since the uprising that toppled Mubarak and saw Islamists catapulted to the forefront of politics.
President Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's first elected civilian president, emerged from the powerful Muslim Brotherhood.
His movement, along with other more conservative Islamist groups, won a crushing victory in parliamentary elections late last year and early this year, and have strong influence in the constituent assembly that is drafting the new charter.

Saturday, September 29th 2012

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