Egypt blasts Russia Today for poll on disputed region of Halayeb

Cairo (dpa) - Egypt on Saturday slammed Russia Today for conducting an opinion poll on Halayeb, a border region disputed by Cairo and Khartoum.
In the Friday poll on its website, Russia Today asked respondents whether they saw the Halayeb Triangle as Egyptian or Sudanese land.

"The [Egyptian] Foreign Ministry contacted the Russian side on Saturday morning to express its strong condemnation of the opinion poll conducted by the Russian government-affiliated channel," the ministry's spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid said in a statement.
The spokesman added that the ministry "demanded an urgent explanation for this unacceptable conduct."
Also, Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry decided to cancel an interview scheduled for Saturday with the channel ahead of meetings on Monday between the foreign and defence ministers of the two countries in Moscow, according to the spoeksman.
Egypt and Sudan are locked in a long-standing dispute over Halayeb.
In January, Sudan recalled its ambassador to Egypt for consultation without giving a reason for the move. He returned to Cairo in March.
Egypt has also accused Sudan of siding with Ethiopia in a row over a hydroelectric dam being built by Ethiopia on the Nile. Egypt is worried that the dam will threaten its water supply, a claim Ethiopia rejects.
The Nile is the main source of water for the three countries.


Saturday, May 12th 2018

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