Egypt court gives 19 Muslims suspended sentence for church attack

Cairo - An Egyptian court on Wednesday gave 19 Muslims a suspended jail sentence of one year each on charges of involvement in an attack on an unlicensed church last month.

The Misdemeanor Court in Giza near Cairo also ordered a Christian man to pay a fine of 360,000 Egyptian pounds (20,500 dollars) for turning his house into a church without a license.
The court ordered the Muslim defendants to pay a fine of 500 Egyptian pounds each.
Their sentence is suspended for three years. If they are convicted of any other offence during that period then they will have to also serve the one-year term. 
All the rulings can be appealed.
The 19 Muslims were charged with inciting violence and attacking a private property in the village of Atfih, south of Cairo, on December 22.
Christians make up about 10 per cent of Egypt's mostly Muslim population of nearly 95 million people.
In recent months, Islamist militants have stepped up attacks on Egypt's Christians and their places of worship.


Wednesday, January 31st 2018

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