Egypt's Morsi calls on army to withdraw its ultimatum

CAIRO- Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi insisted on his "constitutional legitimacy" on Tuesday and called on the army to withdraw its threat to intervene unless he resolves his differences with his opponents.
"President Morsi insists on (his) constitutional legitimacy and rejects any attempt to overstep it," said a message posted on his official Twitter account.

Egypt's Morsi calls on army to withdraw its ultimatum
"(He) calls on the armed forces to withdraw their warning and rejects any dictates, domestic or foreign."
Morsi's statement came after millions took to the streets demanding his resignation, prompting the army to give him 48 hours to respond to the demands of the people or face an imposed solution.
The army gave all political forces until Wednesday to find a way out of the current crisis before it imposed its own roadmap.
On Tuesday, at least seven people died in clashes in Cairo between Morsi's supporters and opponents.

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013

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