Egypt urges unity against jihadist 'barbarism'

PARIS- Egypt's foreign minister on Tuesday called for a "collective and international approach" against the "barbarism" of jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq.
In an interview with AFP, Sameh Shoukri said: "What we need is a collective and international approach that takes into account all the different elements required to fight this phenomenon: political, military and social."

"It's only with an international commitment that we can get rid of this barbarism," added Shoukri, speaking to AFP on a visit to Paris.
Asked whether Egypt could envisage a possible military intervention against the extremists, the minister said Cairo was "ready to support the international community in terms of what might be decided on this subject" after a United Nations Security Council resolution.
"Each country will have a role to play but it's still too early to know what," he said.
On Saturday, US Secretary of State John Kerry called for a global coalition to combat the Islamic State jihadist group and their "genocidal agenda".
On the recent Gaza conflict, the minister said he was confident that Egyptian-brokered peace negotiations would end in a lasting deal.
"We hope that both sides will show the necessary flexibility" given the suffering of the Gazan people, he said.
"The international community and the region cannot bear any more violence, the loss of Palestinian lives and we hope this will lead to the recognition that a final solution to the conflict must be found, with the creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders."
Egypt last week mediated a permanent truce between Israel and the Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip enclave to end a bloody and devastating 50-day war -- the deadliest in years.
Negotiators are expected to return to Cairo to discuss crunch issues such as Hamas's demands for a port and an airport and the release of prisoners, as well as Israel's call for militants in the Palestinian territory to be disarmed.

Wednesday, September 3rd 2014

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