Far-right revellers wave swastika flags from dinghies on German canal

Dresden (dpa) - A group of far-right revellers were eventually apprehended by police after they apparently spent several drunken hours waving a Nazi swastika flag from a number of rubber dinghies on a canal, German police said on Sunday.

Police responded to the incident, which took place on the Mulde waterway near the eastern German city of Leipzig, on Saturday after being alerted to the group displaying a swastika and making the Nazi salute - both illegal in Germany.
The Leipzig police department were forced to deploy a helicopter and an equestrian squadron alongside river police to apprehend the group of boats, which eventually docked between the villages of Nepperwitz and Kollau.
Police recorded the personal details of 11 men aged between 30 and 37. They were believed to have been heavily under the influence of alcohol.
Police are now investigating the group for displaying banned symbols in public and for drunk driving.


Sunday, July 26th 2020

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