Formula Two: Son of John Surtees dies in F2 race in England

LONDON - The 18-year-old son of 1964 Formula One world champion John Surtees died Sunday after an accident during a Formula Two race, the hospital treating him said.
Henry Surtees was knocked unconcious during the race at the Brands Hatch circuit in Kent, south of London, and was airlifted to hospital.
"He has died," a spokeswoman for the Royal London hospital told AFP, saying she was unable to release any further details at the request of his family.

Formula Two: Son of John Surtees dies in F2 race in England
A statement from the Formula Two championship said Surtees was struck on the head by a wheel and tyre from another car which had hit the tyre wall ahead of him. He was knocked unconscious and his car collided with the barriers.
The race was red flagged while the teenager was removed from the car, stabilised and taken to the medical centre. He was transferred from there to the hospital by helicopter.
Before Surtees' death was confirmed, Formula Two chief executive Jonathan Palmer expressed his "great sadness" at news of the accident, a rare occurrence these days in motor sports.
"I would like to express my great sadness that Henry has been injured today. An accident like this would obviously raise high levels of concern," he said.
He said his thoughts were with Surtees' parents John and Jane, adding: "We will be providing all the support we can."

Sunday, July 19th 2009

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