German court denies Yezidis asylum, says persecution in Iraq over

LUENEBURG, GERMANY (dpa)- A court in north-western Germany on Tuesday denied asylum to members of the Yezidi minority, saying that they were no longer being persecuted in their home in northern Iraq.
The court said that since the Islamic State militants had been pushed out of the Yezidi homeland around Mount Sinjar, it was no longer "sufficently probable" that they would be persecuted there.

For this reason, the court in Lower Saxony denied asylum to a Yezidi man from Iraq and his sister.
In 2014, Islamic State militants surrounded Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq, trapping more than 10,000 members of the Yezidi minority. Thousands of women and children were enslaved and thousands of men were killed.
Many survivors were able to flee to European countries, including Germany.
On Saturday, the Yezidi community in Lower Saxony will hold a commemorative event for the massacre and to express their gratitude in being able to flee to Germany.

Sunday, August 4th 2019

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