Guaido promises to return to Venezuela, calls for fresh protests

Mexico City - Venezuela's self-declared interim president Juan Guaido on Saturday promised he would return to his home country despite the risk of arrest and called for fresh protests against President Nicolas Maduro.

Guaido said he would return to Venezuela following his visit to Ecuador, without naming a specific date, at a joint press conference with President Lenin Moreno in the Ecuadorian coastal town of Salinas.
He also called on demonstrators to take to the streets during Carnival celebrations on Monday and Tuesday.
Maduro has said Guaido could be arrested on his return for violating a travel ban placed on him by the Supreme Court after he declared himself interim president on January 23.
The opposition leader nevertheless left the country on February 22 to travel to Colombia and other South American countries including Brazil and Argentina in a bid to rally support. His original schedule also included a visit to Peru on Sunday.
Guaido has been recognized as interim president by more than 60 countries including the United States, while Maduro has the backing of Russia, China, Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua.
Earlier on Saturday the European Union warned Maduro's government not to arrest Guaido, saying any such move would "represent a major escalation of tensions and meet the firm condemnation of the international community."
Maduro has presided over a massive economic crisis, with annual inflation running at mi

Sunday, March 3rd 2019

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