Hillary Clinton gushes over 'crush' on British FM

NEW YORK - Talk about Washington and London's special relationship.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gushes over Britain's youthful-looking, 44-year-old foreign minister David Miliband, in the latest issue of US Vogue magazine.
"Oh my God!" she is quoted as telling a Vogue journalist in the December issue as they discuss Miliband.
The journalist jokes about getting a "crush" on Miliband during a phone conversation because of his British accent. Clinton replies: "If you saw him it would be a big crush."

Hillary Clinton gushes over 'crush' on British FM
Clinton, who is married to former US president Bill Clinton, described Miliband as "vibrant, vital, attractive, smart. He's a really good guy -- and he is so young!"
According to Britain's Sun daily, Miliband reciprocated the warm feelings, calling Clinton, 62, "delightful" and a "tease."
Image: AFP: Paul Ellis.

Thursday, November 19th 2009

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