Hundreds of Libyans torch Kadhafi's 'Green Book'

BENGHAZI- Hundreds of angry Libyans set fire to copies of Moamer Kadhafi's "Green Book" on Wednesday, demanding the ruler's overthrow on the anniversary of his declaration of a "republic of the masses."
Waving Libyan flags and chanting slogans calling for Kadhafi's departure, angry young men and veiled women torched hundreds of copies of the political treatise in the eastern city of Benghazi, controlled by regime dissidents.

They threw pictures of the Libyan leader onto the smouldering ash and carried placards saying "No for extremism," "Yes for the freedom of the press" and "Yes for the constitution" as women ululated on the sidelines.
"Today we're burning the last copies of this book in the eastern area," said health ministry civil servant Saleh Nabus, 40, after flinging a smouldering copy onto a pile of ash.
"For the last 42 years we've been misled by Kadhafi's bloody ideas," computer businessman Selim al-Labidi, 40, told AFP.
"Kadhafi has been dealing in black magic and he is the father of the devil. He misled us with what he calls democracy," he added.
Kadhafi's revolutionary Green Book, published in 1977, offers "a third theory of the world" between capitalism and socialism, and according to him provides the only real solution for humanity.
On March 2, 1977 Kadhafi announced a republic of the masses, saying he was empowering the Libyan people eight years after seizing power in a coup.

Thursday, March 3rd 2011

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