Hunger-striking Gabon presidential hopeful hospitalised

LIBREVILLE - A hunger-striking candidate in Gabon's presidential election was admitted to hospital Saturday after his condition had dramatically deteriorated after eight days' fasting, his supporters said.
Bruno Ben Moubamba, one of several candidates campaigning to get the election postponed, was evacuated to a hospital in the capital Libreville, said George Mpaga, the head of a network of groups supporting him.

Hunger-striking Gabon presidential hopeful hospitalised
"He fainted, we were obliged to take him to hospital" against his wishes, the leader of his campaign Joel Mbiamany Ntchoreret said.
Earlier Saturday had said expressed about Moubamba's condition, which he said had dramatically deteriorated.
"He is very, very weak, but he is still refusing to eat and he is refusing to be evacuated to hospital," he told AFP.
Moubamba was going into convulsions and was showing signs of mental confusion, he added.
For eight days Moubamba had been camped in front of the national assembly on hunger strike. He wants the government to resign and the August 30 election to be postponed.
On Thursday, he refused a request from officials sent by the interim president Rose Francine Rogombe to halt his hunger strike
Another 11 presidential candidates have also called for the election to be postponed, denouncing what they called flagrant irregularities and inequalities.
In all, 23 candidates have declared themselves for the presidential race, including Ali Bongo Ondimba, the son of the former president Omar Bongo Ondimba, who died in June after 41 years in power.
The campaign is set to end on August 29, on the eve of the vote.

Sunday, August 23rd 2009

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