In Bristol, Bansky creates catapulted roses mural for Valentine's Day

London (dpa) - Secretive street artist Banksy published images of a new Valentine's Day mural in his home city of Bristol in south-western England on Friday, confirming that he had made the artwork.

The work in Bristol's Barton Hill area features an explosion of red roses and leaves fired upwards by a young girl with a catapult.
It appeared overnight on Thursday, fuelling debate over whether it was a work by Banksy or one of his many imitators.
Banksy ended the speculation early on Friday by posting photographs of the work on his website and Instagram account, following his usual practice.
The Bristol Somali Community Association, which occupies a building facing the mural, posted one of the first tweets about it.
"We’re glad that we’re one of the very few who thought that piece was #Banksy’s work," the group tweeted on Friday, welcoming "the remarkable visit of the legendary artist."
The artwork is on the side wall of a rented house owned by Edwin Simons, 67, whose daughter told The Guardian there was "a complete buzz of excitement" at the site on Thursday.
"There’s so many people coming and enjoying it, taking pictures, it’s fantastic," Kelly Woodruff, 37, told the newspaper.
Locals had dubbed it "the Valentine’s Banksy," Woodruff said. "It’s incredible and beautiful."
The family were considering covering the work with glass to protect it from damage, she said.


Friday, February 14th 2020

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