Iraqi couple force girl, 13, into UAE prostitution

DUBAI - A couple who bought a 13-year-old girl from her parents in Iraq and forced her into prostitution in the United Arab Emirates have been convicted of human trafficking, local newspapers reported Wednesday.
The couple, both Iraqis, were identified by The National newspaper as AA, 45, and her husband RA, 52. They were sentenced to three years in prison by a Dubai court on Tuesday.

The Dubai skyline (Oliver Lang/AFP)
The Dubai skyline (Oliver Lang/AFP)
Another man, HM, 26, was given a one-year sentence for complicity in the crime, the newspaper added.
All three will be deported after their sentences have been served, Gulf News reported.
According to The National, AA bought the girl from the girl's parents in Iraq for roughly 3,500 dollars, smuggled her into the UAE, and, with the aid of her husband and HM, forced the girl into prostitution at private parties in Dubai over four years.
Gulf News quoted the girl as saying that HM, also Iraqi, drove her to villas where she was forced to perform exotic dances and sleep with men.
The National said that according to the prosecution, she was often beaten to force her to comply.
The girl is still in Dubai under the care of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, which aids victims of rape and abuse, the newspaper said.

Thursday, December 24th 2009

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