Iraqi forces kill six suspected Islamic State militants in Mosul

MOSUL, IRAQ (dpa)- Iraqi forces on Saturday killed six Islamic State operatives in the extremist militant group's former stronghold of Mosul, according to a security commander.
Backed by US-led air cover, the Iraqi federal police clashed with the militants during a security operation in south-eastern Mosul, Brigadier Najem al-Jabouri added in a press statement.

An unspecified number of suspected extremists were detained in the raid, according to al-Jabouri.
"The operation was carried out in light of specific intelligence information," he added without further details.
On December 9, Iraq announced that it had completely liberated all of its territory that was under Islamic State control.
Iraqi forces have since conducted mop-up operations to hunt Islamic State remnants in the country.
The radical group seized large chunks of Iraq, including Mosul, in a mid-2014 blitz.
In recent months, Islamic State has suffered major military setbacks and lost ground in Iraq and neighbouring Syria, where the Islamist terrorist organization had launched a self-styled caliphate.

Saturday, December 23rd 2017

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