Israel: Iran's uranium enrichment is for one thing - atomic bombs

Tel Aviv (dpa) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns that Iran's uranium enrichment has one purpose only - "the creation of atomic bombs."

Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting he repeats his call
on European countries to immediately impose "snapback sanctions" set out by the United Nations Security Council, in response to Iran's decision to raise its uranium enrichment level beyond the 3.67-per-cent level agreed under the 2015 nuclear accord.
"This is a very dangerous step, and I call on my friends, the heads of France, Britain and Germany: You signed this agreement and you said that once they take this step, there will be harsh sanctions," Netanyahu says.
"That was the decision of the Security Council. where are you? I ask you, not defiantly, but with the common knowledge of history, and what happens when aggressive totalitarian regimes can cross the line towards things are very dangerous to all of us," he adds.


Sunday, July 7th 2019

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