Israel's new coalition government releases agreed aims and intentions

Tel Aviv - Ahead of the swearing-in of Israel's long-awaited new government, the coalition on Thursday published its so-called "basic guidelines" - its aims and intentions for the coming term.

In a sign of the times, five of the total 14 clauses relate to the coronavirus crisis, with the government's immediate priority to eradicate the pandemic.

The administration will form an inner "emergency cabinet" to deal with the economic, social and health aspects of the crisis, the first clause states.
It will lead an exit plan from the "deep economic crisis" that will address unemployment and include financial assistance for businesses and self-employed Israelis.
The next nine clauses relate to other issues, "out of the belief," so the document states, "that the Jewish people have an inalienable right to a sovereign state in the Land of Israel, the national and historic homeland of the Jewish people."  
The government will "strengthen security and strive for peace," and seek to decrease social inequality and create equal opportunities for all. An "appeasement cabinet" will try to bridge societal divisions.
Plans to annex Israeli settlements on parts of the occupied West Bank are not explicitly mentioned in the document.
According to clause 29 of the Likud-Blue and White deal, as early as July 1, Netanyahu may ask his cabinet or the Knesset to vote on annexing West Bank land with settlements.


Thursday, May 14th 2020

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