Israel to make masks obligatory, increases restrictions for Passover

Tel Aviv (dpa) - All Israelis will be required to cover their mouths and noses in public, the government announced on Tuesday, as the country gears up to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover in lockdown.

From Sunday, Israelis will need to wear either home-made or industrially produced protective face coverings while out in public, the government said.
Israel also temporarily shut down all public transport nationwide and all international flights into and out of the country over the upcoming holiday of Passover.
From Tuesday evening until Sunday morning, flights will be allowed to land and take off only with the government's express permission.
The government also approved previously announced restrictions on movement over Passover, which begins Wednesday evening.
From Tuesday until Friday, Israelis will be prohibited from leaving their places of residence. In Jerusalem, which has the most confirmed cases of coronavirus, residents will not be allowed to leave their local districts.
Additionally, a general ban on leaving the house will be in place from Wednesday evening until Thursday morning.
Israelis traditionally celebrate Passover, which marks the Israelites' liberation from slavery in Egypt, with a large gathering for a festive evening meal.
Israel has a total of 9,006 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 59 deaths, according to the Israeli Health Ministry.
Earlier Tuesday, Israel's two leading parties temporarily suspended attempts to form a long-awaited unity government, the opposition Blue and White alliance said.


Tuesday, April 7th 2020

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