Italy's government 'paralysed' by infighting, key cabinet member says

Rome - Italy's government has been "paralysed" by infighting between coalition partners running rival campaigns for the European Parliament elections, a key cabinet member said in an interview published on Monday.


"The election campaign has paralysed the government," cabinet secretary Giancarlo Giorgetti of the far-right League party told La Stampa newspaper.
Giorgetti is the right-hand man of League leader, deputy premier and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who is increasingly at odds with his Five Star Movement (M5S) populist allies.
"In the last three weeks the government has been on standby for the election campaign," and instead of talking "about the things we need to do in Italy and Europe" there has been "chaos," Giorgetti said.
The League and the M5S have recently sparred over migration, taxes, soft drugs and welfare. Due to policy disagreements, the agenda of a cabinet meeting expected to take place later Monday was still unclear.
Giorgetti said communications and personal ties between coalition partners have become strained, and when this happens, "governing becomes impossible."
There has long been speculation that the uneasy League-M5S partnership, formed one year ago, may fall apart after May 26 European Parliament elections.
Giorgetti said Salvini was still loyal to the coalition, but "the situation cannot last forever, it is measured over time and the loyalty is being severely tested."
He also hailed his boss as Italy's "only real politician." He said: "You can be for or against Salvini but I struggle to understand what others have in mind. Today politics goes where Salvini wants."

Monday, May 20th 2019

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