Jennifer Aniston gets Hollywood handprint

LOS ANGELES- Jennifer Aniston, the A-list actress who shot to stardom on the hit comedy show "Friends," joined the ranks of Hollywood royalty Thursday with her handprints on a storied sidewalk.
Aniston imprinted her hands and feet at a ceremony outside the iconic Grauman's Chinese Theatre -- putting her alongside legends such as Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Fred Astaire -- ahead of the debut of her new comedy movie "Horrible Bosses."

"All actors who want to do this, it's really, really fun, but you really, really have to want to do it, (because) there's all sorts of stuff that comes along with it," the 42-year-old actress, who will for millions of fans forever be remembered as Rachel from the TV series "Friends," said Thursday.
"But man, I have to tell you, I never in my wildest dreams though that I'd be sticking my body in cement," added the star, who has had a string of highly publicized relationships with fellow celebrities, after famously splitting with Brad Pitt, including actor Vince Vaughn and musician John Mayer.
Her "Horrible Bosses" co-star Jason Bateman noted the Hollywood sidewalk was lucky as it will "for years long after we're all gone" now include "poured into its rigid cement, a woman whose spirit is every bit as solid, whose integrity is every bit as unbreakable and whose body is every bit as hard."
Aniston has also starred in a roster of romantic comedy movies over the last 12 years including "Marley & Me," in 2009, and 1999's "Office Space."

Saturday, July 9th 2011

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