Jordan PM easily wins vote of confidence

AMMAN- Jordan's Prime Minister Samir Rifai won an overwhelming vote of confidence from parliament on Thursday for his 31-member government after a five-day debate on his policies.
The vote was 111 for and eight opposed, with one MP absent from the 120-seat lower house of parliament elected on November 9, according to a live television broadcast. Half of those who did not vote for Rifai were women.

Jordan's Prime Minister Samir Rifai
Jordan's Prime Minister Samir Rifai
During their debate on government policies, most deputies demanded that Rifai undertake comprehensive reform, improve the economy, fight corruption and find jobs for Jordanians.
The premier faces an uphill battle tackling economic challenges, but he promised MPs on Thursday that "the government will do its utmost to combat corruption and work in line with a strong partnership with parliament."
"There will be no new taxes, hikes in prices or any decisions without coming to you first," he told them.
Rifai, 43, has headed the government since December 2009. He carried out a reshuffle in July and formed a new cabinet after last month's general election.
Pro-government loyalists swept this month's vote, which was boycotted by the opposition Islamic Action Front.
King Abdullah II called the election two years early in the face of press allegations of ineffectiveness and corruption among some of the MPs elected in the previous election in 2007.

Thursday, December 23rd 2010

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