Jordan promises Maliki support for Iraq reconciliation

AMMAN- Jordan's King Abdullah II on Sunday affirmed his country's "total support" for stability in Iraq and the unity of its people during a meeting with visiting premier Nuri al-Maliki, a palace statement said.
The king promised "the total support of Jordan for our Iraqi brothers in their efforts to bring about security and stability in Iraq, essential for the security and stability of the region."

Jordan promises Maliki support for Iraq reconciliation
Maliki arrived in Jordan on Sunday on a tour of Middle East capitals aimed at drumming up support as he fights to keep his job after an inconclusive March 7 general election.
The king stressed "the importance of forming an Iraqi government that reflects the aspirations of the Iraqi people and swiftly contributes to building a better future for them."
"Jordan supports every action that allows the reconciliation of the Iraqi people and leads to unity."
Maliki's Shiite-led State of Law bloc finished a narrow second behind the Sunni-dominated Iraqiya group of former prime minister Iyad Allawi with whom he is locked in a protracted battle for the premiership.
Maliki's office said in a statement that his meetings with top Jordanian officials addressed "the development of economic and security ties."
"The movement of citizens between the two countries and cooperation on military training in order to develop a professional Iraqi army were also discussed."
Jordan, which consumes around 100,000 barrels per day of oil, imports around 10,000 barrels bpd from Iraq and hopes to see this rise to 30,000 bpd.
After seeing the king, Maliki also met his Jordanian counterpart Samir Rifai before returning to Baghdad.
His visit came after he travelled to neighbouring Syria and ahead of planned trips to several Gulf Arab states, where support for his rival has been strong.

Monday, October 18th 2010

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