Kadhafi aide in secret talks with Britain: report

LONDON- A senior aide from Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's regime has been in talks with the British government, the Guardian newspaper reported on its website Thursday.
Britain's Foreign Office (FCO) refused to comment on the the report which asserted that British officials met with Mohammed Ismail, a senior aide to Kadhafi's son Saif al-Islam, for confidential discussions.

Citing a British government source, the newspaper said the meeting was one of a number conducted between the two nations in the last two weeks, and is believed to have addressed the possibility of an exit strategy for Kadhafi.
Despite a low profile in Libya and internationally, Ismail is a key aide to Saif al-Islam and represented the nation in arms purchase negotiations, cables leaked on the WikiLeaks website revealed.
The FCO earlier told the paper that it would not provide a "running commentary" on contact between the two countries.
The report came less than a day after Kadhafi's foreign minister, Mussa Kussa, unexpectedly arrived in London and announced he was quitting his post.
Britain said Thursday it had not offered Kussa immunity following his arrival and urged other members of Kadhafi's "crumbling" regime to quit.
On Wednesday, British Foreign Secretary William Hague announced the expulsion of five diplomats at the Libyan embassy in London because of the threat they posed to opposition dissidents.

Friday, April 1st 2011

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