Kate Middleton trumps royals in new card game

LONDON- Kate Middleton leads the fashion pack ahead of Princess Diana and Victoria Beckham in a card game released Wednesday to commemorate next month's royal wedding.
In the latest wacky souvenir of Middleton's nuptials to Prince William, the "Top Trumps" game features a selection of guests who will attend the April 29 ceremony.

Kate Middleton trumps royals in new card game
They are given scores under five categories: VIP rating, age, style icon, celebrity press and big day rating, which players use to compete against each other.
William and Kate both score top on the big day rating with 100 points; while Queen Elizabeth II wins in the VIP stakes with a score of 10 out of 10 against nine for her grandson and eight for his bride.
But Kate -- whose wedding dress remains the subject of fevered speculation in Britain -- wins out for style, scoring 20 against 19 for William's late mother Diana and 18 for fashion designer Beckham.
Celebrities such as singer Elton John also feature along with the queen's corgis -- which outscore Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of William's uncle Prince Andrew, who was not invited to the wedding.
"We feel we have injected a bit of humour into the packs, whilst at the same time adhering to official guidelines and protocol," said Fiona Hortopp of Winning Moves UK, the company which makes the cards.
Britain has been flooded with wedding souvenirs including novelty condoms whose box urges lovers to "lie back and think of England" and sick bags for those who have had enough of the royal romance.
Meanwhile commuters in London can celebrate the wedding with a commemorative travel smartcard featuring a picture of William and Kate.
Around 750,000 of the special "Oyster" cards will be sold, London mayor Boris Johnson said.

Wednesday, March 30th 2011

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