Keiko Fujimori pleads with appeals court to cancel her arrest

Lima – Peru's opposition leader Keiko Fujimori on Wednesday pleaded with an appeals court to cancel her arrest warrant, saying she had been detained without respecting the presumption of innocence.

Keiko Fujimori
Keiko Fujimori
The 43-year leader of right-wing Popular Force (FP), the biggest party in parliament, has been detained since October 10 on charges of money-laundering.
Preventative arrests can only occur when there is a danger of the accused fleeing or obstructing the work of the judiciary, Fujimori argued, adding that neither of those risks existed in her case.
"This party is not a criminal organization. I ask you to take a fair decision," she told the court.
Several of Fujimori's aides have also been arrested on charges of laundering illicit funds that entrepreneurs allegedly contributed to her 2011 presidential campaign.
Those suspected of financing the campaign include the Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht, which has admitted to giving bribes worth nearly 800 million dollars in 12 countries, 10 of them in Latin America.
The appeals court was expected to take a decision late Wednesday.
Fujimori's arrest came a week after the Supreme Court overturned a pardon that had been granted to her father, former president Alberto Fujimor, who is now due to serve the 15 years that remain from his 25-year prison sentence for human rights abuses. He is currently under arrest at a Lima medical clinic.


Thursday, October 18th 2018

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