Lebanese expatriates vote in parliamentary polls for the first time

Beirut - Lebanese nationals voted for the first time in their country’s parliamentary elections while abroad on Friday.

Friday’s voting takes place in the Lebanese diplomatic missions in six Arab countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman, the Lebanese Foreign Ministry said Thursday.
Lebanese televisions broadcast people living in countries in Gulf states casting their ballots. Lebanese citizens living in other countries will cast their ballots on Sunday.
Nearly 83,000 Lebanese expatriates across the world have registered to vote, according to official figures.
Eligible voters inside Lebanon will cast ballots on May 6 in the country’s first legislative polls since 2009.
The election was postponed three times due to wrangling among political factions over a new electoral law.
In June 2017, the parliament passed the law based on a proportional representation system.
It includes reformist ideas that have been raised by civic groups to improve parliamentary political representation in a 128-strong parliament with a four-year mandate.
The new law is what allows Lebanese expats to cast their votes in dilomatic mission for the first time.


Friday, April 27th 2018

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