Macron says he would back Merkel as European Commission president

Geneva - French President Emmanuel Macron said that he would throw his weight behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel to become president of the European Commission, the EU's top executive job.

"If she wanted it, I would support her," he told francophone Swiss broadcaster RTS on Tuesday evening in Geneva.
However, Merkel has made clear that she does not seek a top EU job for after she leaves her government post in Berlin.
Macron reiterated his reservations against the candidacy of Manfred Weber, the European People's Party pick for European Commission president. Merkel backs the German conservative Weber.
"No one knows these Spitzenkandidaten," he said, using the German term that is used in EU circles for the top candidates nominated by the major political groups in the European Parliament.
"Europe needs faces, strong personalities; it needs people who have personal credibility and who have the competence to fill positions," Macron said.
Macron and Merkel attended a meeting to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the International Labour Organization in Geneva on Tuesday, but the two did not meet on the sidelines, according to French and German government sources.

Wednesday, June 12th 2019

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