May echoes Trump with demand that UN 'achieve results'

NEW YORK (dpa)- The United Nations must deliver on its mission to hold countries accountable or risk a funding reshuffle from Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May said at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.
UN agencies must "win our trust" by proving they can deliver, with May saying she had aside 30 per cent of the UN's funding from Britain to be paid only to parts of the UN that "achieve sufficient results."

Voicing support for UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres's reform agenda, May said that addressing the "gap between nobility of purposes and effectiveness of delivery" would be an "unglamorous" job.
As the second biggest funder of the UN, Britain would commit to contributing 0.7 per cent of gross domestic income on development and humanitarian support.
The UN must "defend rules and high standards," which means ensuring that nations honour their responsiblities and that "those who flout the rules and spirit of the international system are held to account," May said.
May echoed comments from US President Donald Trump, who praised the UN's "potential" but criticized its focus on bureaucracy rather than results.
She called on Guterres to make the fight against terrorism the theme of next year's UN General Assembly.

Thursday, September 21st 2017

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