Medvedev and Putin have 'same blood'

MOSCOW - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Friday spoke of the common "vision" uniting him and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and said they had "the same blood", despite their different careers before entering politics.
Medvedev attributed their similarity in outlook to their education at the law faculty of the University of Leningrad -- now Saint Petersburg -- which they each attended at different times.

Medvedev and Putin have 'same blood'
"It is the same situation... the level of education... certain vital values, the circle of acquaintances," he was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies in an interview with Swiss media.
"It's why when people portray us in different ways: one being a 'young liberal lawyer' the other 'a spy', it is not right because we really have the same vision on many things in life," he said.
However, he added, that it was "ridiculous to say that we are identical -- that would not be right.
"We come to an agreement because we have the same blood and share the same vision of things," he said.
Medvedev's comments echoed remarks earlier this week by Putin who described himself and Medvedev as having the same blood and political views."
He said they would not stand against each other for the role of prime minister in 2012.

Saturday, September 19th 2009

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