Merkel: Germany willing to help solve international conflicts

BERLIN (dpa)- German Chancellor Angela Merkel has underlined Germany's willingness to contribute to solving major international conflicts such as those in Syria and Libya, at a meeting with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday in Berlin.
Germany wants to get involved in Syria, she said, adding political change and work on a new constitution are needed.

Only then will the conditions be suitable for the many refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and also in Germany to be able to return, Merkel said.
The peace process in Libya is similarly important, and senior officials have held talks about this in Berlin, she added.
Stabilizing Libya politically is enormously important for preventing terrorism in the Sahel area and the countries south of Libya, Merkel said.
Guterres thanked Merkel for the German-Libyan initiative, saying, "bringing peace to Libya contributes to the stabilization of the Sahel and also to better management of the movements of people in the region."
He added that the crisis in Syria has gone on for far too long. "The suffering of the Syrian people is absolutely shocking," he said.
Guterres emphasized that Germany has always supported the UN, calling it, "a pillar of multilateralism and currently, a very strong voice on the security council."

Wednesday, November 27th 2019

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