Michael Jackson album heading for No. 1 in Britain

LONDON- Michael Jackson is set to top the British album chart on Sunday following a surge in sales sparked by his death, the official chart compilers said.
The greatest hits album, "Number Ones" is set for top spot and the Official Charts Company said "up to half a dozen" of the singer's other albums could also make the Top 75.
Jackson is also likely to feature prominently in the singles chart as fans download tracks from his back catalogue, with "Man In The Mirror", "Billie Jean" and "Thriller" climbing rapidly.

Michael Jackson album heading for No. 1 in Britain
However a spokesman for the compilers said on Saturday that fans seemed to be snapping up Jackson's albums more than singles.
The late singer's albums were dominating the British version of Apple's iTunes download chart, filling nine of the top 10 places with "Number Ones" on top of the pile.
Jackson also had the top-selling album in most of the rest of the world, according to the iTunes website.
Gennaro Castaldo of retailer HMV said the true impact of Jackson's sudden death might be more clearly seen in next week's charts.
He added: "We always find where a great icon dies that there's a massive uplift in their music sales as fans want to connect and express their grief through the records.
"We've seen this with people like John Lennon, Elvis, Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra over the years. With Michael Jackson in particular, he was just on the cusp of a big comeback anyway and we were already beginning to see a lift in sales."
Jackson, who died on Thursday aged 50, had been scheduled to play the first of 50 comeback concerts in London on July 13.

Sunday, June 28th 2009

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