Minister: French IS suspects could be put on trial by Syrian Kurds

PARIS (dpa)- Suspected French jihadists held by Syrian Kurdish forces could potentially be put on trial by the internationally unrecognized de facto authorities in Syrian Kurdistan, a French minister said on Thursday.
Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said that any decision on bringing such detainees back to face trial in France would depend mainly on whether fair trials could be guaranteed in Syria.

"The question of whether they should be tried in France is above all a question of whether in the Kurdish part of Syria ... there are currently judicial institutions that can give a judgement that respects the rights of the defence," Griveaux told RMC radio.
His comments came after French media this week reported that a prominent alleged French female supporter of Islamic State was being held by the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).
News agency AFP on Wednesday quoted the woman's lawyer as saying that she had requested to be repatriated with her three children and brought before French justice.
A number of other French women are reportedly also being held by the SDF, which in October captured the Islamic State's Syrian stronghold of al-Raqqa in a US-backed offensive.
French President Emmanuel Macron said in November that French Islamic State fighters caught in Iraq would have to face Iraqi justice, but women and children would be treated "case by case."
Rights groups have criticized proceedings in Kurdish-run courts in Syria, although - unlike Iraqi or Syrian government courts - they do not use the death penalty. A spokesman for Syrian Kurdish authorities declined to comment on the issue.

Friday, January 5th 2018

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